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My Religious Beliefs

This is slightly edited version of my last blog post. I deleted that for some reasons. I was expecting that prophet Elijah will appear in Israel in 2018. I am not disappointed completely though. ———————————————— I am continuously undergoing a religious and spiritual transformation. The religion was the main part of my disease way back

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The Road to Hospital

I was born on 6 September 1977. The 6 September is the Defense Day of Pakistan. My grandfather gave me the name Badar Abbas. The battle of ‘Badar’ is the first battle our holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) fought against the infidels and prevailed. These two facts had a great effect on my delusional thinking. There

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Why I considered my grandfather to be Jesus Christ

The admission that I considered my grandfather to be Jesus Christ (PBUH) was perhaps my biggest statement. I came upon the conclusion rather suddenly and remained extremely secretive about it. I did not express it from my mouth until I got admitted in hospital. Firstly I expressed this opinion to my father in August 2005.

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