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My Religious Beliefs

This is slightly edited version of my last blog post. I deleted that for some reasons. I was expecting that prophet Elijah will appear in Israel in 2018. I am not disappointed completely though. ———————————————— I am continuously undergoing a religious and spiritual transformation. The religion was the main part of my disease way back

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Strange Story of my Diagnosis and Treatment

This post was long overdue. After my ouster from Pakistan Army there was strong propaganda against me that I somehow planned it. The Commandant of the 503 Workshop, recommended me to the psychiatrist with three main observations: isolation, immotivation and suspicion. I very well question his motive for inventing the isolation clause. If I happened

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Some Clarifications

In this post I would like to clarify some points. I started this blog in April 2010. The primary aim was to speak my heart out. I was not comfortable with some comments of the psychiatrists. I have mentioned many facts in different posts that never arose in my brief discussions with psychiatrists. Yet they

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The Road to Hospital

I was born on 6 September 1977. The 6 September is the Defense Day of Pakistan. My grandfather gave me the name Badar Abbas. The battle of ‘Badar’ is the first battle our holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) fought against the infidels and prevailed. These two facts had a great effect on my delusional thinking. There

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