If you don’t want to buy the book, you can read the blog in the following order. There are some minor additions and editing in the book.


Why am I blogging
Five Facts
Three Hallucinations

Indian Spy and the “List”

The List: First Theory
The List: Conspiracy Theory and Delusions
Three Generals
The ‘List’ Factor

Service Matters

Redress of Grievances
Aftermath of Redress of Grievances
Strange Story of my OER
The Strange Story of my Last OER

My Passions and Interests

Joy of Discovery
Independant Discoveries
Some Interesting Nobel Prize Facts
Linux Love Affair

Major Religious Delusions

Why I considered my grandfather to be Jesus Christ
The Dissection of Imam Mahdi’s Belief
Two Cousins and a Beast

First Break

Strange Story of my Diagnosis and Treatment
The Road to Hospital
On Medication and Treatment
The Depressive Phase

Inventions of my Mind

A Soup of Delusions
The Relapse
Random Delusions
John F Nash of Islam

Hope and Recovery

Path to Recovery
My Two Unsuccessful MS Attempts
My 3 Ingredients of Recovery

Concluding Remarks

Quotations on schizophrenia
A Self Analysis
Some Clarifications
Advice for Patients and Family