My Grandfathers

Both of my grandfathers were veterans of WW II. They were in Indian Observer Corps which was disbanded after the war. I viewed the war as Armageddon. In this post I have described my reasons for considering my grandfather to be Jesus Christ (PBUH). I have very few memories associated with him as he used to live mostly with his elder son (my uncle), now Lt Col (R) Ghulam Safdar Khan. My grandfather had two sons and two daughters. All had name starting with Ghulam except my father, his name being Muhammad Aslam Khan. This was also one of the reason for developing delusion about names.

Then there was another incident that I clearly remember. I was in 7th or 8th grade. He asked me for the mathematics book. Then he asked me about the name of the teacher. I replied, “Abdul Khaliq”. Then he started teaching me problems from book. On one problem, after giving it some thought, he declared that to be wrong. I argued about that a little bit he convinced me. After a few days the mathematics teacher hit upon the same problem. I stood up and said that the question was wrong and my grandfather had taught me such. The teacher was astonished and said that the problem was right. I came across two people with the name Abdul Khaliq in Army. My course mates were bit interested in my opinion about them. I did not say anything negative. They were apprehensive that I judge people based on names. I developed the delusion about names in mid 2005. Moreover name of one of my sister’s father-in-law is Abdul Khaliq. My brother-in-law name is Musharraf Khaliq and his date of birth coincides with the take over of Pervez Musharraf. Is it just a coincidence or there was some deep planning? The way this so called arranged marriage happened became suspicious to me later on. My grandfather never told me anything about names. He guessed that I would learn that from experience.

My grandfather was a keen reader. He used to study various digests esp “Hakyat”. He also used to study Holy Quran very much. There was collection of digests and some other books. One was the novel Sarahdi Uqab (Eagle of the Shore) by Aslam Rahi. My grandfather never told me to read and waited for me to read on my own. It was disposed off after I read it. It had one character namely Badar bin Mugheera. I think he named me on this character. In one of the digest there was a urdu summary of the English novel “The Eagle has Landed”. The novel is about a fictional German plot to kidnap Winston Churchill near the end of the Second World War. There is a film based on it. You can read the plot here. Once my grandfather was in our home and all of a sudden I envisioned that his face resembled Churchill. I think this was my first paranoid thought. It occurred when I was in Matric I think. One of my course mate also mentioned that there were two Churchills and one was some actor. I had no idea why he mentioned that. I believed that my grandfather had something to do with Churchill or his speeches.

In 2008-9 I was doing my studies for MS in Computer Engineering at College of EME Rawalpindi. There was a notice board for CAMP (Center for Advanced Mathematics and Physics) in the same building. Once there was a notice for a talk titled “From Quarks to Humans” to be delivered by Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy. I just took the title in a delusional way. I thought that it implied the resurrection of people in 2012, the doomsday prophecy by the Mayans. I believed that Pervez Hoodbhoy was 2nd coming of prophet Huf[Eber]. This was the start of my delusion about the return of prophets as mentioned in this post. My maternal grandfather was a tall man. I started viewing him as second coming of prophet Moses. In the same very days I was developing delusion about second coming of prophets, I saw portrait of Gen Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan in my dream. I concluded that he was the second coming of prophet Yahya (John the Baptist). I started viewing the 1971 Indo Pak war from completely different perspective. To me, Gen Yahya ensured that the base lot of Pakistan Army lands in Indian hands.

My maternal grandfather was a cool man and his name was Muhammad Amin Bhatti. People used to say that Hazoor (prophet Muhammad) had no gallbladder (pitta) and so does Bhatti Saab. It meant for me that there was something very special to him. I developed delusion that he had some role in creation of Israel, may be the conception of the idea of the state during World War II. I don’t have the idea of the mechanism though. The following Wikipedia article mentions that Israel’s first Prime minister David Ben-Gurion sent a telegram to Jinnah—Pakistan’s main founding father—but Jinnah gave no particular response. It meant to me that Pakistan was very important for Israel.

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