My Religious Beliefs

This is slightly edited version of my last blog post. I deleted that for some reasons. I was expecting that prophet Elijah will appear in Israel in 2018. I am not disappointed completely though.

I am continuously undergoing a religious and spiritual transformation. The religion was the main part of my disease way back in 2005. I still believe that my grandfather was Jesus Christ (PBUH). I only wonder that whether it was some kind of reincarnation or the the physical. I believe that my younger brother will be the second witness to this fact based on a dream. He will have a severe personal setback and would discover that my and his lives are intimately linked. There was a hint in 2012 when he was also close to be declared medically unfit for “high” blood pressure by the “professional” doctors at POF Hospital. He survived after I quit my MS attempt at COMSATS Wah. He took the incident casually.

Recently (in end 2017) I had a strange and disturbing visual hallucination and I am giving it too much thought. I was browsing the internet in the morning as usual. I noted that one entry in one of my Google search was in dim color. It as not an ad. It stated that by the end of 2024 the ratio of man to woman will be 1 to 9. According to some Hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the ratio of man to woman at end times will be 1 to 50. Bible also speaks of 7 year tribulation period. I believe that 2017-2024 is this period. God knows better.

I had a thought dream in 2016 that the year 2018 will be a big year for the state of Israel. I guessed that it might be the year prophet Elijah returns. There is still a chance that he may appear in hebrew year 5779 which overlaps our Gregorian calendar years 2018 & 2019. After that there is very less chance according to me. I believe there will be some major events during the tribulation period. There will be battle of Armageddon which is sometime referred to as Malhama-tul-Uzma in Hadith. It will be fought at Syrian front between the forces loyal to and against president Bashar al Assad. It will all depend upon the appearance of prophets Elijah or/and Enoch. This time frame will also see the period of two witnesses as mentioned in Book of Revelation chapter 11. It is an open question who they might be. In my opinion they will be some two single Jews that will beleive in me as Third Elijah. It is also possible that God may make me and my younger brother as two witnesses in case I opt to remain single. I want to get married but if sitution demanded then I may decide aaginst it. Then there will be secret rapture in which faithful Christian men and women will be carried away to heaven. Rapture will be followed by God’s wrath.

I think the major event will be the fulfillment of the following passage from Book of Revelation (9:14-16).
And the voice said to the sixth angel who held the trumpet. “Release the four angels who are bound at the great Euphrates River.” Then the four angels who had been prepared for this hour and the day and month and year were turned loose to kill one-third of all people on earth. I heard the size of their army, which was 200 million mounted troops.
There is a Hadith as saying: The Last Hour would not come before the Euphrates uncovers a mountain of gold, for which people would fight. I believe that these two things about Euphrates River are related. The angels will kill mainly wealthy, money centered people mainly male. Many Muslims will falsely label the event as emergence of Gog Magog. In all these events substantially more men will be killed/ruptured. If my vision turns out to be true it would be my most important prophecy.

I believe in three regional Antichrists/Dajjals. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 -1821) was the first one and Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945) the second. I believe that Pervez Musharraf (1943 – ) to be third Antichrist. Specifically I used to consider him Dajjal-e-Akbar. My grandfather had a name Akbar Ali. I believe that he would die an unnatural death. I also believe in three regional Imam Mahdis. Omar Mukhtar (1861-1931) of Libya, Africa was the first one. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar (1878 – 1931) of the Indian sub-continent was the second one. I think Bashar al Asad (1965 – ) of Syria will emerge as the third Imam Mahdi. After the three regional Imam Mahdis there will be turn of global Imam Mahdi.

Lately I have developed some sympathy for the Bahai faith though I have no intention of becoming one. I believe that the Bab, born Syed Ali Muhammad Shirazi (1819 – 1850) is the Imam Mahdi prophesied in the lineage of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Shiite who think that Imam Mahdi should/would be Syed should adopt Bahai Faith. There would be no Sunni Syed Imam Mahdi. If someone claims to be one I would be the first person to denounce him.

One of my complicated delusion was the return of prophets as discussed in this post. I now believe this to be fact. During the first coming they claimed to be prophets and in most cases people knew from birth that they would be one. The second coming was hidden and most probably through reincarnation. They did not claim to be prophets yet performed important tasks. In second coming they compensated their shortcomings in their first coming and God provided them the required opportunities and environment. In one post that I subsequently deleted I had an entry that there will be a new book of revelation, revealed upon Jesus Christ (PBUH) on his Second/Third Coming. It will be called New Quran and its Chapters/Surahas will start from 115. It will also explain haroof e al-muqatta ‘at, single letters which occur at the beginning of some Surahs/Chapters of the Qur’an. I believe that some of the haroof e al-muqatta ‘at would be the reference to future events especially return of the prophets.

The biggest question is what I think of myself. Well I consider myself to be third Elijah based on a dream in end 2014. It is basically after this dream I stopped considering myself to be schizophrenic. The first two Elijahs were prophet Ilyas (Elijah) and prophet Yahya (John the Baptist). There is too much varied opinion about his role. It includes the prophet Elijah mentioned in Book of Malachi, one of the two witnesses mentioned in Book of Revelation and preview of Jesus Christ (PBUH) in his second/third coming. This imply that I am also the end time Elijah forerunner and rider on white horse mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

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