My Two Passing Outs

I was supposed to have 2 passing out parades. I had none. It was not a coincidence. The first was supposed to be in PMA Kakul in end 1996. This was responsible for the event of my life as discussed here. I was made to stand out by the so-called Indian Spy SM Farman. There were only 2 cadets who had to stand out. The other was from the graduate course. I do not remember his name. When we stood to take oath, my weeping face was so apparent that the other cadet even had a look on my face. In one of my posts I casually mentioned that he was also picked up by SM Farman. As far as I can remember he was picked up by “second in command” of SM Farman whose nick name was Zakota. I do not remember his real name. It is my speculation that the Zakota might also be preparing some framed and twisted list and the other cadet stood out on his own will for that. It is my theory that the name code of bad people had broken through the efforts of my grandfather. I know believe that the bad people wanted to fool the good people by presenting some simple name pattern regardless of castes and sects. Before Zakota could be presented as an Indian spy, SM Farman defected to India. Bad people got nervous as their plan was put upside down.

It is my speculation that SM Farman came under close watch of MI (military intelligence) after this. He was followed and was captured on his way to Pak-India border. The list was taken from him and he was allowed to go. The list was of value not he. The news must have spread like a wild fire in PMA yet it did not reach me in PAF Academy. I have a very faint memory that someone mentioned that SM Farman had become AWOL. It did not occur to me that he defected to India. It was in 2004 that I fully realized the implications when an officer told me about the list. People assumed that he had successfully defected and some sort of list might be in Indian hands whereas it lied in Pakistani hands!

The real reason of so much venom in PAF Academy was this incident which I never knew. I had to face so much ragging that I developed shin-bone fracture in one leg in first term. The real incident the really shook me was the death of two cadets due to excessive ragging when we were in 2nd semester. I must admit that it was mainly the death of the Christian cadet that was mainly responsible for concluding that my grand father might be Jesus Christ (PBUH). The other was his suicide.

The higher command in PAF also got upset especially GD(P). They also decided to play their part. They decided that I would not have the graduation passing out either. For that weather was used as an excuse. The 106 GD(P) could not complete their flying in due course of time due to “bad weather” so that passing out had to be delayed. There was some schedule for engineering cadets of PAF but nothing could be worked out for non PAF cadets. Army cadets decided to call it a day and I was in picture. Non PAF cadets had to settle out for a dine-out instead of passing out. I must say that at that point passing out was not too much important for me as completed course had to stand out. The real message was coded one. It was message from the PAF high command to Army high command that I should not have an easy time as an officer. The Army high command read that message well as described below.

The Army high command decided to target my OER (Officer’s Efficiency Report) and two basic courses. My first OER was normal as I had not done my basic courses. For our basic courses a new grading scheme was introduced. There were more grades with narrow margins. Ours was the first course which had to face this. I received unfair and targeted treatment and I performed poorly on both the courses. I do not want to go into detail. It is pity. After the courses it was decided that we should be posted directly to squadrons instead of battalions. I think ours was the first and only course that received this treatment. I had weak arm muscles. It was known since PMA. Army high command decided to cache upon this. It decided to link the overall OER grading with physical fitness despite the fact that there is a separate column in OER for that. I know how much physically fit our officers’ corpse is on the papers. The stories of my last 2 OERs are too interesting and are described here and here. Happy reading.

One thought on “My Two Passing Outs

  1. Stay wonderful, Badar.

    Allah Has been so kind, and your resolve to understand, comprehend and appreciate the realities has been exemplary.

    I still remember the day when we both while going to back to Mess, on an early pack-up, didn’t see a fast crossing car with an officer in it, and thus did not opt to salute…. 🙂 … Rest is history.

    God Bless you.

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