Three Doctors

This is going to be bit delusional. These are facts not fiction. I do not know the name of two doctors. The name of the third doctor is Brig (R) Mowaddat Hussian Rana who was awarded Sitar-e-Imtiaz for his ‘contributions’ in 2013. I developed this point of view in my delusional phase after my diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia in 2005. For the first 2 events I was unaware of the PMA incident so I took them as routine at that point of time. This will also demonstrate that our family especially I was under some sort of surveillance.

I was good at mathematics and physical sciences from the start. I knew I have a future in sciences or engineering. I got 868/1100 marks in FSc (XII). I gave exam for self finance in NUST (National University of Science and Technology) and qualified. For Armed Forces of Pakistan I only applied for Technical Cadet Scheme and selected. I also applied in University of Engineering and Technology Taxila and was selected. I had 3 options. I ruled out the first option as financial situation of our family was not good. There was close competition for the rest two. The final date for submission of fee for UET Taxila was getting close. On the other side for medical fitness I was declared fit except the eye. My eye sight was weak. The “specialist” would make me wait for hours, administer some ‘drops’ and kept on using delaying tactics to declare me fit for 3-4 days. As soon as I submitted the fee for UET Taxila, he declared me fit. Obviously Army Medical/Mafia Corps was not happy with me selection. I decided to sideline UET Taxila and instead joined Pakistan Army. I never regretted that decision.

I reported to PAF Academy, Risalpur in Dec 1996. There was extreme ragging in first semester, may be in the backdrop of PMA incident. I was having pain in one leg. Initially I did not take it seriously. But when it became unbearable I decided to see the doctor. He advised an X-ray and I was diagnosed with ‘shin-bone’ fracture. I was admitted in hospital for a week. After the discharge I was given category “C” for 6 months. This meant no punishments for 6 months. Some elements in Air Force Academy could not bear that. Soon there were too many cadets on categories etc. It was decided on ‘tactical’ level to rationalize the situation. All cadets on such ‘privilege’ were asked to get a review. I was having manageable pain. The doctor asked whether I was having pain. He did not wait for my reply and said that there was no pain. He decided to revoke my category “C”. Fortunately the ragging was controlled and my situation did not deteriorate.

I was admitted for my first break in Aug 2005 in the psychiatric ward of Military Hospital. I was severely man-handled and hardly talked about and counseled. Somewhere in 2006, the head of the department interviewed me. He oversaw and approved the decision to board me out from Army yet he hardly listened to me for 5 minutes. Now this man is fond of giving lectures on professionalism and ethics. I started my talk by mentioning that I viewed my grand father as Jesus Christ (PBUH). I further mentioned that there was going to be a battle between good and evil forces, an obvious reference to Armageddon. He did not ask for any reasons as to why I had such a belief about my grand father. He asked me about my role in the battle. I casually replied that I viewed myself as some symbol of Last Hour. No religion was discussed during my brief sessions with the psychiatrists under his command. I had absolutely no idea that they had fabricated the opinion of Imam Mahdi (AS) for me. If I had mentioned about Jesus Christ (PBUH), he should have asked direct question about Imam Mahdi (AS). He knew that the opinion was fabricated and decided to cover-up by remaining silent. I did not feel pertinent to mention that I viewed Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar as Imam Mahdi (AS).

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