Why I dislike EME College

This is an exclusive post describing my reasons of disliking the EME College and interpretation of events. I know not everyone will agree with my interpretation. I will be taking a few names also. Any one who is named directly or indirectly may clarify in comments. If they want to counter accuse then they should start their own blog. My blog is a sweet revenge to those who have used/misused their authorities on me. Though I left after passing the 1st semester, I made my 1st and the most important attempt for marriage after my diagnoses.

I perfectly agree with Pervez Hoodbhoy’s views that teachers should not be treated like spiritual father (Roohani Baap) and not be asked questions. They are supposed to be professionals delivering knowledge. I have never hidden my disliking whenever I found that is not the case and in some cases I suffered. All well tell that I did 3 projects. I got 2 A’s and my own B. I have found that students in EME College judge the instructors with regard to grading whether they are lenient or not. I also discovered that the grading is also biased favoring EME.

After looking for job and having interviews in 2007-08, it became clear to me that I need another degree with the diagnoses. Four of my Army course mates also visited my home and one in particular made the remarks that one instructor (Dr Shoab) would make you master in 2 subjects i.e. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Advanced Digital Design (ADD). People in higher echelons in Army were also monitoring and did not want me to complete a higher degree with 50% permanent disability so early. It would have been a slap on the face of Army shrinks who kept me in mental ward for 1 year.

The head of Computer Engineering Department was Dr M Younas Javed. Ideally DSP should be in 1st semester but ADD was scheduled for the 1st. Later the HOD created some “situation of events” and made Dr Shoab shifted to Department of Electrical Engineering in 1st semester so that he should not be able to teach in 2nd semester. The HOD wanted those instructors whom he could influence with respect to grading! Now Dr Shaob is heading the Computer Engineering Department of EME College. Dr Younas Javed was later awarded SI (M) for his “contributions”. Now he is heading a department in an obscure and junk “Hitech University”.

There was a mention of the subject “Engineering Economy”, posed as a question by a female student in a seminar. This rang bells in my head as I once scored 105 out of 100 in that subject in CAE. I had a bit strange personal history that is getting stranger day by day. Jesus Christ (PBUH) and Imam Mahdi (AS) are too big personalities. Interestingly I came to know about 1 year after my ouster from Army that I had an “unshakable belief” of considering myself to be Imam Mahdi! So I judged that people would be monitoring me, though not openly. The instructors would have to manipulate the results and could not target me openly. Two out of 3 Khaki instructors did target me.

One of the favorite instructors of HOD was Dr M Almas Anjum. He had done PhD from the same College under the HOD in Digital Image Processing (DIP). It was in the air that the HOD wanted him to make the next HOD. Now he is not in EME College at least. The subject was new but I was getting/understanding it and doing well. During informal introduction he asked some questions about my past specially disease. He was particularly interested in the disability, pension and whether I had got the batman due to disability. I seriously felt that interrogation. The project carried the maximum weight of 15%. I choose a mathematical and bit difficult project which was readily approved. During the progress presentation he appreciated me by saying, “if you have implemented the algorithm then you have done 80% of the work.” However for the final assessment he dubbed the whole thing a “one hour job” and demanded more work. I strongly objected and plainly refused to do more work. After the assessment he rushed to the HOD office. I also rushed behind him to the PA to HOD and asked for the mobile number of HOD and stated that my father or uncle would talk from my side. The PA refused. However I had recorded the protest. The project is available under Projects tab.

I and my father had to travel to Lahore on 30 Mar 2009 for selling of SD house. Along the way we came to know about Manawan Police Academy attacks. My father had booked the car so date was known at least a week in advance. The HOD was teaching a class in Operating Systems and he specifically asked the reason for missing the class. I had to tell that I had to travel to Lahore. The HOD repeated the words “Lahore” with some face gestures. I did not pay any heed to that. Later that year another terrorist incident happened as discussed in this post. I can’t convince any shrink but I think some rational man may be convinced that these were not the isolated incidents after going through all the strange history going back to PMA.

At the end of 2nd week of April a final presentation of some post graduate student were planned. Our class was asked to attend. The HOD came along with her daughter. After the presentation, he introduced his daughter to the class by saying that she was doing telecommunication engineering in MCS and that he used to keep her with him in final presentations. After this episode Dr M Almas Anjum refused to grade the course and observed that the HOD should grade as this was his 1st MS class and he had no experience. The HOD also refused. Ultimately Dr Almas graded. I knew I would not get more than B.

Some days later, in the class of HOD, it appeared that he was only teaching to me as all other students were looking down. He was making visible gestures with his eyes and forehead. In effect he was offering me to join “his (to me the evil)” group. The month was April so I thought that might be the trap especially her daughter. I had informally opinioned to class members that I would be thinking about marriage after 2 semesters. I do not know whether HOD was truthful or not about this practice about bringing her daughter in presentations. In admissions forms I had expressed my interest in scholarship which had to be decided after 1st semester. One instructor discussed about the scholarships in front of class. I thought that he was expecting that I might ask for a favor of scholarship. But after the sale of SD house I had too much money! I kept mum.

The main reason for leaving the class, besides visual hallucinations, was my grade in Digital Communication. The man instructor was Dr Khalid Iqbal who had recently come back after completing PhD from abroad. I had performed well in 1st sessional exam and topped the class in the 2nd. In final I had more than 70% and I knew nothing about the rest of the class. Yet the grade was the minimum passing, famous B. In 2nd semester the former HOD, Dr M Younas Javed became associated Dean and Dr Khalid Iqbal the acting HOD. Moreover he was assigned the subject of DSP which Dr Shoab used to teach. The result which usually took 7-10 days now took 3 weeks to compile. I decided to call it a day after seeing the 4 lines of B. I think I rightly concluded that I would not be able to get more than 3.00 come what may. I went straight to acting HOD, Dr Khalid Iqbal. I said, “People here are more interested in my disability percentage. Three out of four instructors (excluding Dr Asad) have already announced the result of 2nd semester and I can very well tell you that.” He asked strangely, “Including me.” I said, “Yes”. He had no answer.

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