My experience with Raheel Sharif

I reported in 10 Army Aviation Quetta as OC LAD (Light Aid Detachment) in end 2002. I remained there till mid 2004. Raheel Sharif was then Brig and acting as COS (Chief of Staff) XII Corps. The Corps Commander’s name was Lt Gen Shahid Hamid. The country was under iron grip of Pervez Musharraf. The squadron was being commanded by Lt Col Ehtisham Amir. In the unit, an officer was declared AWOL after he reached late. An internal court of inquiry was ordered. The officer concerned disputed the allegation and gave a detailed statement in which he said that he made every effort to reach in time and he was on leave verbally. The CO of the unit did not like the statement and pressurized the individual to give confessional statement. The officer concerned gave the confessional statement. The president of the court of inquiry attached both the statements and made serious allegations on the character of the individual. The court of inquiry was submitted to Corps HQ, which rightly got suspicious of this master-piece. It ordered a summary of evidence. The officer was proven innocent/not-guilty. The CO was the “personal-pilot” of the Corps Commander. I can’t say about COS Raheel Sharif but Corps Commander Shahid Hamid was not happy with the decision as it will become apparent. To him the officer concerned and the officer who gave the decision were both Shia Muslims. The CO got personal with the officer concerned and started teasing him. The officer submitted a “redress of grievances” in which he made the point that CO is bent upon giving him an adverse OER (officers’ efficiency report) and asked for an interview. The Corps Commander considered his face too precious to be shown to a low rank officer. He asked for the comments of CO. The CO accused the officer of some other charges including document forging. The corps commander liked the comments and ordered a court of inquiry on 2 charges. The officer was again declared non-guilty on serious charge of document forging.

After a short while I submitted a “redress of grievances”. Its content can be seen here and its aftermath here. I did not ask for interview and asked for an early action. According to the rules every officer in the chain of command has to address it in 7 days and the next person in chain of command was Corps Comd Shahid Hamid. The CO made the point that I should be referred to the psychiatrist as he could not defend his actions. It was clear that it was he (the CO) who needed psychiatrist consultation as he was getting personal to yet another officer. He was not referred to the psychiatrist as he was PSC (passed Staff Course).  Raheel Sharif was COS (Chief of Staff). He returned the redress with the remarks to re-submit the comments on contents of the complaint. There were 2 phone calls to Raheel Sharif from persons from my side. I do not know the contents of the response. Soon Raheel Sharif was scheduled for some foreign course and he forgot that redress has to be addressed in 7 days. He started enjoying farewell parties and one such party was also scheduled in our Squadron. So Raheel Sharif was mainly responsible for extra ordinary delay in redressing my complaint. After his departure the powerful Shahid Hamid handled the case rather immaturely and with considerable delay as discussed earlier. Here I will mention few points.

The complaint was purely a service matter but Shahid Hamid felt the need to seek input of “intelligence agencies”. While the complaint was under consideration, the psychotic and idiot CO of the unit gave an adverse OER to the officer who submitted the first redress. There was another chance that the CO should have been referred to a mental ward. He was not. The Corp Comd saved his own skin by upgrading the OER one step as the officer concerned had the right to represent to MS (Military Secretary) if it was upheld. As for as my OER was concerned, he did not upgrade, as I could not represent an ‘average’ OER. The CO wrote a date well before the redress on OER. This was the real document forging. I signed it well after the redress after erasing a date which the CO has written ‘in error’. Shahid Hamid did not notice the date difference and over-writing of few months. He did not pay any heeds to the good technical remarks by the technical CO. He did not read that serviceably was 89% according to the technical inspection. The CO has done the propaganda that it was below 50% at times. He rather downgraded the OER by changing the opinion and observed that I had a “weak” command potential. Obviously, to Corps Commander, I made mistake by standing with “truth”.  Anyway an “average” OER with “good” command potential does not make sense. The CO was playing dirty tricks here. Any rational Corps Comd should have removed such a psychotic man from the command. Instead this CO got “well-above” by the Corps Comd and the CO wanted to show me the OER. I declined. This CO is now Brigadier and must be giving sermons on morality to juniors. I do not know whether he is on command appointment or not. In my short 5 years of service I got 3 different grading OERs except the top 2 and bottom 2. I qualified for a 4th also but was not given as discussed here.

While Pakistan cricket team specifically its captain “Miss-ball ulhaq” had generated a lot of “excitement” about Army “trainers”, here is the truth about the officer cadre. It has to do something different interaction with Raheel Sharif. This will clarify the mentality and thinking of PSC people. In the PET (Physical Efficiency Test), 4 officers from Corps HQ units failed. There were many more “physically” but they were passing on papers/result. I was the only officer who failed in chin-ups as I decided to get written the marks I was told. The other 3 officers were failing the 2-mile test. According to new rules the failed officers could not get the top 2 OER grading. Raheel Sharif decided to “see” the 4 failing officers. Any rational COS must have doubted the results. He called in all failing officers. He asked from each in which test they failed. Then he just said to improve the standards. He said that in other case the response would not be “mild”. There is separate column in OER yet the CO felt the need to mention about my arm muscles in the remarks. I don’t have an idea about the arm muscles of his but I know about his leg muscles. Most probably he would be “fit” on papers. Despite Raheel Sharif’s warning I failed my next PET test. Raheel Sharif was not in chain of command. This time I had an issue and I could not run. I did not give the other tests as there was no point in passing them.

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