The Strange Story of my Last OER

I have described the strange story of my OER (Officer’s Efficiency Report) in this post. The story of my last OER (for year 2004) is even more interesting as it was due in early 2005 but was never given. This post will describe that wonderful story.

 From 10 Army Aviation Squadron Quetta, I was posted to 299 EME Battalion Rawalpindi. I write DOs (Demi Official Letters) to my outgoing technical CO at Multan and CO 299 EME Battalion. Before my arrival at 299 EME Bn, the CO was promoted to Col and appointed as Commandant Army Aviation Engineering School (AAES) at Rawalpindi. I reported to the unit (299 EME Bn) somewhere in July 2004. The unit was under command of 2IC a Major. The reporting time of 299 CO created whole lot of confusion. Whose OERs will be written by whom? Whether it will be delayed OERs or normal OERs. The confusion in case of me was removed by MS (Military Secretary’s) Branch sometime later. It ‘maintained’ that no officer up to the rank of Lt Col was capable of writing my next (last) OER.

 Meanwhile 503 Aviation Base Workshop wrote a letter to the MS branch to the effect that it was in dire shortage of officers. The MS branch posted two officers in the unit and one of them was me. It was extra ordinary posting in a sense that it was in same city without completing my tenure at 299 EME Bn. Here the initiating officer for my next OER was the Deputy Commandant of the unit a Col. I am sorry to say that he is/was the most coward and hypocrite officer I encountered during my brief service. Even his hands started trembling writing my OER and it was never written.

 The 503 Aviation Base Workshop that was in dire need of officers became surplus of officers after the posting of two officers and started considering exporting them. Meanwhile AAES felt the need of instructors and requested none other than 503 Aviation Base Workshop. The Deputy Comdt picked me as most suitable choice. I showed considerable reluctance but Deputy Comdt  insisted too much. I had one of the lowest instructional grade from the same institution i.e. AAES and now I was being considered a good instructor. Deputy Comdt told me that this move will be ‘officialized’ later on and the School Comdt will write your next OER. This was the sole purpose of this ‘unofficial’ move. Just in a matter of months I was presented to same officer whom I had written a DO sometime earlier!

The School Comdt welcomed me. I was told that I have to teach a class after the weekend. My unusual personal episode was running in parallel. I prepared for the class according to best of my ability in that frame of mind. I am unaware what happened during the weekend. When I reported after the weekend, the time table was changed and I was told to go back to 503 Aviation Base Workshop.

 Now the ball was in Deputy Comdt’s court. He has to write my OER. I eased his task by failing in PET (Physical Efficiency Test). Now top two OER grading can be omitted. This is/was a stupid rule. If there is a separate column in OER for PET, then why to link overall grading with it. I personally know many officers who physically fail the test but get passed on ‘papers’ and get good OER grading. Then there are others who claim that their Initiating Officer has taken a ‘stand’ and given them good grading despite failing the test. Sometime later I asked Deputy Comdt about the OER. He told me that it would be given but no time frame was given. I did not press too much as I was too much occupied with my past events and developing serious religious delusions. In response Deputy Comdt started doing propaganda with the help of one of my course mate who had a very big mouth that I had some personal problem at home. He wanted to ‘justify’ his action of not giving me the OER. There was absolutely no need. My father had personally spoken to him about the personal problem and asked him that I should be referred to the psychiatrist. Deputy Comdt did not take the advice because the number one cause of my personal problem was the men in khaki uniform who had fabricated stories about my character. Two out of four course mates in the unit were aware of my personal problem and Deputy Comdt was aware of it. I do not share my personal problems with every course mate.

I was unwillingly admitted in hospital on 24 Aug 2005. According to the referring officer the Comdt I was having psychotic symptoms since two months. So I was all right up to 24 June 2005. Why I was not given OER by that time remains one of the open questions.

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