Command Syndrome

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In one of my previous post I mentioned that then Corps Commander Lt Gen Shahid Hamid suffered from what I say a “Command Syndrome”. This syndrome is especially dominant in officers who do Command and Staff College. They think that they have become some sort of supernatural and Godlike creatures after going through this course. I mentioned that I would narrate my personal experience in same later post. In many cases the people in lower ranks in Forces obey their seniors out of fear but do not respect them. This post would narrate those experiences.

 I was in 5th or 6th term in PAF Academy Risalpur. While going towards Academy in a bus, a man sat beside me on a seat. During conversation he introduced himself as a Sepoy in some unit of Signals Corps. He told me a piece of information that really shook me at that point. He told me that after their official attestation parade during passing out, they had their unofficial attestation parade in their rooms in barracks. In that they swear that in case of war with India they would first kill their officers and then fight the Indians. During my short service I never experienced such hatred in any other corps of Pakistan Army towards their officers.

  The other experience occurred during my infamous row with squadron Commanding Officer that I described in these two posts here and here.  A clerk showed me the remarks of the squadron CO that I was not supposed to see. From mess we did not have AWD (Army Wide Dialing) facility. We had to coordinate with ATC (Air Traffic Control) for that. The powerful Second in Command (2IC) had passed the orders that the numbers I was contacting through ATC should be told to him. The ATC people told me about the order and advised me to be careful as they have to obey the 2IC. Meanwhile I became aware of a secret code to convert local access to AWD access and I was using that. All the people in lower ranks in the squadron were happy that an officer has stood up against the squadron CO and 2IC. They all were obeying their seniors and spying for me.

 I submitted the Redress of Grievances when the so called ‘impartial’ Court of Inquiry was in progress. A clerk showed me the complete court of inquiry which I saved in my computer. I am sharing it underneath. I know that there is a stupid Official Secret Act. But I care damn about it. If people in Army can do propaganda against me by name, I am more than willing to tell the truth.

 Court of Inquiry

 Some points regarding the different points raised in court of inquiry are in order.

  1. On page 64 some contradictory statements between me and the NCO are given. For no 1 I am 100% sure that I heard Turam Khan whereas he most probably uttered Halooku Khan. Now I realize that it was my first recorded auditory hallucination.
  2. No 2 is not a contradiction in a sense, as I said that I was not supposed to count.
  3. For no 3 it was very easy to misjudge the time. No one was holding the stop watch. It counts to man handling even if it was for 1 second. Same reasoning applies to no 4.
  4. For no 5 the NCO took both names but was more insistent for Base Commander.
  5. On page 31 to answer to question no 2 Captain Tamseel Anjum mentioned that I was present in class room. On page 52 Subedar Nazir Ahmad in his statement mentioned that Captain Muhammad Tahir Khan told him that he should check the wrong pattern name plate. I mentioned this very fact in my statement on page 34. Yet these were not enough to prove my presence as the combined rank of witnesses against me was more!
  6. I was 100% sure that Captain Sohail Bin Shafique was present as I had a brief eye contact with him during the incident. He was member of the Court of Inquiry and could write a note of dissent. He opted not because he was under pressure for some reasons I would not identify here. It was obvious to anyone that the court of inquiry was biased against me and the concerned Havildar.
  7. On page 63-64 every statement of Havildar Ali Asghar was considered as a lie as he was of lower rank! Even he was supposed to provide a legal proof of an incident which occurred in Mangla in 1997.
  8. Major Faisal Khan, the president Court of Inquiry, did such a biased inquiry because he had to settle a personal score against me. He was also Mess Secretary. During his leave I acted as Mess Secretary. In record I notice a blunder of his. He has submitted two Sui Gas mess bill for a month. One was of some school and dispatched to mess in error. He did not bother to read the address and submitted the bill. On that month the gas charges were whopping 55% of the actual messing. Yet he was very vocal in the inquiry about my competency. Moreover he had to please his master, the squadron CO to get good OER (Officer’s Efficiency Report).
  9. On recommendations on page 66 the court recommended strict disciplinary action against the Hav Ali Asghar on 3 counts and against me on 5 counts. Whereas the person upon whose act the inquiry was ordered, only one line.
  10. There can’t be a bigger proof of biasing than the title of the court of inquiry. There should be the name of Captain Muhammad Tahir Khan.
  11. All officers clearly collaborated on their statement. Only I was pressurized to give the statement in front of the court in one hour.
  12. Please note the question no 10 on page 39 and question no 52 on page 45. The squadron in which I was serving was 10 and my course is G-52. This was source of number delusions in my first psychotic phase in 2005.

Before my redress of grievances episode there was another similar complaint against the squadron CO by an officer who was a Shia Muslim. That complaint was handled immaturely by the same Command Syndrome stricken Corps Commander Lt Gen Shahid Hamid. While my complaint was under consideration, the officer was given and ‘adverse’ OER. The grading was upgraded to ‘average’ as the Corps Commander had no choice. The officer concerned was planning to represent to MS (Military Secretary) if it was upheld. The officer concerned has already mentioned in his complaint that the squadron CO was bent upon giving him ‘adverse’. If Corps Commander had handled the complaint maturely this thing would not have happened. Moreover the squadron CO wanted to disturb me that he would give me a bad OER. I was very well expecting that from that squadron CO.

 During the course of events the squadron CO took a meeting (darbar) of LAD (Light Aid Detatchment). He pathetically tried to explain his stupid discriminative actions. In the end he asked for any questions. One NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) who was a Shia Muslim stood up and asked a stupid question. That really infuriated the squadron CO. This was the purpose of the NCO. Whole LAD and even squadron lower ranks were happy that the squadron CO is having a bad time by me.


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