Some Prophecies

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I had a major relapse of the disease in 2009. One of the main contributing factor was visual hallucinations. The other main factor was dreams. I started seeing and giving more thoughts to the dreams. I thought as if God was giving me some guidance through dreams. I acted on dreams in some way. I even discussed this aspect with my father. His reply was, “Dreams have a meaning unless you are a prophet and I know you are not.” I assert again that I am neither a prophet nor Imam Mahdi. I still give thoughts to dreams. I have seen some dreams that turned out to be true. The dreams have become an escape for me. I thought it to be a good idea to share some prophecies based on dreams. I will not narrate the dreams; rather I will narrate the prophecies based on them.

(1)   It appears that earthquakes are on the rise. My first prophecy is about it. There will be a severe earthquake in India and/or Pakistan. It may be under my own feet. I think 2015 earthquake was under my own feet!

(2)   My second prophecy is about Indian actress Kareena Kapoor and is based on many dreams. She plans to tie the knot with Saif Ali Khan in 2012. My prophecy is that it will not happen. They have said that they are marrying in the year when the world is supposed to end. Let us see what happens first: their wedding, end of the world or some other eventuality. The term ‘kareena’ has become my most searched term in previous two years. The movie ‘Hulchul’ is one of my favorite. I think this will be my testing prediction! Obviously  it has gone wrong. Now I have made a more radical/exact prediction that there would be a severe earthquake in India in which some notable people will be killed. The aftershocks will last about a week.

(3)   This is not a prophecy in a sense. There will be a great tussle between conservative and liberal Muslims. I think it started after 9/11. In this tussle liberals would be eventual winners.

(4)   There will be a major sign of Last Hour in this decade. I think two years will be important: 2012 and 2015. There was a sign in early 2013 that I mentioned on facebook. I think the end-time (3rd) Elijah will appear in this decade.

(5)   There will be a new book of revelation, revealed upon Jesus Christ (PBUH) on his Second/Third Coming. It will be called New Quran and its Chapters/Surahas will start from 115. It will explain haroof e al-muqatta ‘at, single letters  which occur at the beginning of some Surahs/Chapters of the Qur’an.

(6)   This is about afterlife. There will be wheel-less cars in the heaven. This prophecy can only be fulfilled after Judgment day.


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  1. Just for your reference- in the world will not be ending in 2012 in the way that many people think. Rather, it will be an energetic shift- an end of one level of energy and a beginning of a new one.

    It’s importantl, but many people will not even notice.

    Some people are frightened because its the end of the Mayan calendar. Well, what do you do when your calendar runs out. You start a new one, no?

    Hope this is helpful


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