Redress of Grievances

This was the most stressful events of my life. It happened in end 2003 while serving in Quetta. I know it is bit odd to discuss service matters openly, but this incident had profound effects on my thinking. In this post I will copy the text of the ‘redress of grievances’. The redress was submitted to then Corp Commander t Gen Shahid Hamid who handled it very immaturely as will be discussed in next post.


1.     Sir, I am performing the duties of Officer Commanding 10 Army Aviation Squadron Light Aid Detachment, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers since November 2002. Lately, I am being humiliated by my Commanding Officer on account of an issue in which I was not even indirectly involved. Realizing the futility of all other efforts I have been forced to approach your good office for justice.

2.     On 28 October 2003 one of my under command Non Commissioned Officers was ordered to write the aircraft start-up checks for hundred times, as a punishment, by xxxxx which he could not complete in time. On 30 October, he was manhandled by xxxxx in my presence. The Squadron Adjutant did not take the matter to the Commanding Officer on the Non Commissioned Officer’s complaint. So I reported the matter to the Commanding Officer on the verbal request of the Non Commissioned Officer, for an interview with him.

3.     Instead of handling the issue impartially, my Commanding Officer accused me of the following acts the next day:-

a.     That I was lying about my presence at the time of incident and he had witnesses to prove my absence.

b.     That I had pre-planned the incident or the complaint.

4.     I am the only Electrical & Mechanical Engineers officer in the Squadron and I am being intimidated by the Commanding Officer through following tactics:-

a.     Exclusive orders were issued for me and the Light Aid Detachment to attend the games as a censorship, under the supervision of officers who were junior to me.

b.     Exclusive rifle drill was ordered for Light Aid Detachment personnel again under the supervision of Non Commissioned Officers who were not from Light Aid Detachment.

c.     On 31 October, I was asked to submit a statement by xxxxx, who claimed to be President Court of Inquiry. However he failed to show me the related Part I order on my request. The Squadron Adjutant passed the orders to the Head Clerk through a runner on 3 November to publish the Part I order, in front of me, which was backdated.

d.     Court of Inquiry has been ordered on an act of xxxxx but it is being conducted against me through irrelevant questions and catchy words/phrases.

e.     LAD personnel who perform the most critical task of aircraft maintenance in the Squadron are being subjected to extreme psychological pressure and mental stress.

f.     I have been threatened of removal from my appointment on which I have been attached by Military Secretary’s Branch.

g.     I am Officer Commanding of the Light Aid Detachment and staff officer to the Commanding Officer but I am being degraded by:-

(1)     Making Adjutant the leave sanctioning authority for my men.

(2)     Being contacted by the Commanding Officer through other staff officers, even on technical matters, just to undermine my status.

5.     The Commanding Officer took Light Aid Detachment’s durbar on 6 November and told them that the discrimination, which started after the afore mentioned incident was due to their laxity in aircraft maintenance. On the other hand I was given a repressive talk of about three hours the same night, during which I (instead of LAD personnel) was accused of bringing a difficult time to my under command.

6.     I have cordially spent almost a year with the same Commanding Officer, willingly performing even those tasks which were beyond the call of my duty. Approaching him for addressing the feelings of my under command has undermined all my efforts and hard work.

7.     Sir, my ego as a soldier has been hurt and my honour as an officer compromised due to baseless allegations on my loyalty, allegiance and honesty. I therefore request that my grievances may please be addressed through an early action in this regard.


The aim is not to criticize anyone including Army, but to highlight one of most important event of my life. Army has its own way of working. The thing that I developed schizophrenia is nobody’s fault. But after this episode I was never as before. I will discuss the aftermath of this episode in next post.

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