Three Doctors

This is going to be bit delusional. These are facts not fiction. I do not know the name of two doctors. The name of the third doctor is Brig (R) Mowaddat Hussian Rana who was awarded Sitar-e-Imtiaz for his ‘contributions’ in 2013. I developed this point of view in my delusional phase after my diagnosis

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I visited Lahore as a child where my uncle was living. That beautiful visit and this poem by my favorite poet Majeed Amjad is responsible for liking this city.

3 Interesting 3-digit Numbers

Some numbers have really curious properties! Below are 3 such 3-digit numbers. 196-Algorithm A palindromic number is a number (in some base b) that is the same when written forwards or backwards. Like 16461, for example, it is “symmetrical”. The term palindromic is derived from palindrome, which refers to a word (such as rotor or

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